Monday, October 19, 2009

Just a random life update- Followed by a story from the weekend.

So recently I've been getting my life back on a good streak (Y) I got a *promotion* at work, I put stars around it back honestly. It's still the exact same pay and like, same level on the totem pole. I went from being a line cook, which honestly was amazing and fun, all the shit I'd eat n stuff. Sounds like fun, no? Well then it got to the point where my max shift would be 2 hours so I was like fuckk that. I talked to my work about getting on prep and I was being tried a couple days after... I kinda got fucked over because the dish guy quit, but honestly that's not very important. So anyways that's happening, another thing that's going on in my life is my hockey season is starting back up again, and my team... I'd call us shaky at best, but I can already tell were going to be a playoffs team. We had a game yesterday and I scored my first goal of the season, fourth game in pathetic I know. In my defense I haven't been in the best hockey state of mind before these games though, and haven't been playing my best. Anyways enough of that, that's just a little update to my life, so everyone knows its all good again.

This weekend was a pretty unique weekend, by unique I mean frustrating. Shit kept getting messed up, I'd have plans one night and they'd flop then I was suppose to go out but wasn't allowed. By the end of it I was getting frustrated in my head I was like "Damn another weekend down the drain." So Saturday night rolls around and I'm staying in because we didn't end up going to the ski and snowboard show or my buddies concert so I'm telling my bro whats happened and he's like shit man that sucks. So I'm chilling at home and one of my friends, this really cool girl I know texts me with something like "Still down for a walk in a bit" Because me n her usually take sick walks :) and I'm like yeah I'm so down, at this point everything else had been canceled so I'm using this also as a chance to get out of the house. But she said an hour n a half and I was bored right now. Well my bduddy who we'll leave nameless calls me and is like "yooo were going over to scruffys," which is a pub close by. I'm walking with them n such and he tells me he tried a little bit of the stuff he was giving me for my night being ruined. And well they were all having lots of fun and enjoying all their surrounds so I thought "I am going to show them the sweetest place in the world." This place is my utopia I go there only when I'm alone or with 1 girl. It's a really quiet peaceful place you know? Well they loved this place we all agreed it was a sweet place, also I made them agree not to tell anyone about it.. I want it to stay my place :)

Later on in the night I arrived back at my place only to try out the stuff my buddy gave me. So I throw on my black light, toss in drawn together season 2 and lay down in my bed and watch. Now listen I could try to describe all the things that I saw.. But its not worth it because unless your the one seeing it. It's not as good! :P Anyways, I know this wasn't the most interesting one but I hadn't posted in awile so I just felt like doing that

~Kingers corner 7

Monday, August 31, 2009

One bad thing afer another....

So last night I was coming home from a party at my friends house, a smallish thing. But i was going to go back over after and you know "living the party up". So its come the time when I'm sneaking out I make it perfectly, i honestly stopped on my porch and thought to myself, wow that was the most quiet I've ever done it! So i think I'm okay, as I go down the driveway, I glace over my shoulder as always to see if the light in their window is on, incase there up in which case I'd sneak back in. What do i see but my moms tiny little head looking out at me, the first thought that goes through my head "wave" a quick wave and keep walking! Lol I know not my smartest choice, but I didn't want to go home then, I knew I was already caught. She calls me back in, and honestly, can't recall what was said. But most of it was just me saying about the fact I just wanted to walk, and to let me go back out. I was desperate, its come to a time when pretty much nothing in my house entertains me, I love being outside its as simple as that! So i guess they made it clear to me today that they didn't want it to happen again, also my bank account needed to have money in it to cover the fees today! Which I didn't know I was going to do it tomorrow....Dropped the ball on that one.

Since my blogs have just been talkin about the troubles of my life recently I'm going to show to you a poem i wrote a little bit back. It's kind of old and shitty, but I personally like it.

The two of them walk hand in hand

Nothing behind them but a still whisper

He slowely said the last words of the night

“I love you”

She was swallowed into the darkness

Never to be seen again

The one girl he cared about

Never to be seen again

He let out a faint cry, a name

No response

He screamed out this time

No response

He then saw her ahead

he ran faster and faster

but she wasn’t coming closer

then again she was gone

the creeping darkness took him over

the moonlight shone later on

all that was left was a shadow

that boy was gone

Tell me what you think it means, and my next blog I'll tell you what i was tryin to represent by it

~Kingers corner 6

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pink floyd

I'm going to make this blog shorter, because i got shits to do. But just a little bit ago i was out in my friends van, and the song "Us and them" came on. Now i've always been a pink floyd fan, so i got excited. I gave everyone the idea, Lay back your chairs, close your eyes and just listen, experience pink floyd which most people judge to quickly to experience. Everyone i was with was feeling the same thing I was, we were all picturing thing too the music, and it all came together so well. When you listen to the music fully its a completely different experience. Not to mention we uh, got a lil inspiration before we got back in the van :P So I'm giving you this challenge, Do what we did tonight and listen to pink floyd the way we did. Most songs will work, Just has to be one you can feel. And if you can honestly tell me your not a pink floyd fan after that then....Well then your F@*%in crazy :)

~Kingers corner 5

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More bad news

Ah, well i wake up this morning and i find my bag open, All pockets open. So im like what the fuck right? Well i ask my bro and he said he looked through it for the garage door opener. Meh w/e not a big deal, anything i have in there he's def seen before. Well then later that day my mom calls, and she sounds upset, so at first shes all "well talk when i get home" shes at work, and works hard right. No time for slackin. But then im like well i gotta figure out what shes mad at so i can prepare a defense for it, So i ask her "Nah mom just tell me whats up". She goes "I found something today, well talk when i get home" I push it some more, asking her to tell me what she found and she goes "A weed rolling tray, some visine and lighters" And i make up excuses and hang up. Then im thinking, wait a minuite those things were in my bag. So i call her back and go "Hey mom howd you find those things" And she responds with "well i was lookin for your work uniform in you bag and-" I cut her off with "Oh yeah you were lookin for my work uniform in the small pocket in the front, inwhich it couldn't possibly fit?" She made up some excuse here, and i flipped on her. I was like Well thats the highest show of mistrust i've ever seen from you mom, and honestly i can't believe you did it, When you get home from work tonight im not goin to be here, im gone from this house. And i left.

Before i left, i talked to my brother and pretty much told him to keep me updated let me know whats what. He called me up and let me know that my parents didn't give a shit that i was leavin the house, and infact they told him to tell me, that if i didn't come home tonight that i couldn't come home at all. I sucked it up and went home, Not right away of coarse, but when i was good n ready. So i got in and they didn't say i single word to me, I just went to my room because of that and just sat down. Then my sis comes in and tells me they said they wanted to talk now. We had a conversation, that im not going to explain because thats between me and my parents, But long story short. As we speak there deciding whether to kick me out of my house or not. I obv dont want them to, Not for the fact i needa live at home, that doesn't matter to me at all, but for the simple fact i wouldn't be able to advance my life if i did, wouldn't go to school, wouldn't start work and just generally would just be surviving from that point on.

I guess thats it for my blog today, i just wanted to let you know whats been going down today.

~Kingers corner 4

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bad day!

So i know it's early but i gotta write about something that JUST! happened. I'm still shakin from it actaully.

I wake up at about 2 today, to find out my mom and my sister are goin up to my grandparents and she tells me my dads goin up too. So im like sweet house to myself ( as i mentioned before i can't take my parents) Then when they leave i look at my phone and see missed call "____" I'm not goin to use any other names then mine in this blog. To protect their secrecy of corase. Well me and this person usually hang out in my garage and do illegal things :) And today as were doin it, i'm actually playing the N64 which we have setup in our garage I see my dad! Yeah thats right, my dad pulls up. My mom forgot to mention that He was going to stop home from work then go up.

I run inside, of coarse thats not bait at all, and go up to my room. I grab my visine outta my bag, in a desperate last minuite attempt to cover it. I dont hear anything at the door for a little but, im thinking hmm thats suspicious. Then like 5-10 mins after i hear my Dad storm upstairs! He asks to smell my breath, and by this point i knew i was fucked so i was like sure w/e. And then he goes, were you "doing illegal things"(we'll put this there for liablity issues) in the garage, and i'm like yeah, so he starts ranting, a conversation which ill leave out for pure respect for my dad, because the things i said made him speachless. Then by the end of it he was like, Who do you get it from? And pressuring me, and i was like Dad i'm NOT goin to tell you so just chill. And he goes, Ok tell me or get out of my house. Obviously bluffing my parents dont want me to leave. I say ok as stern as i possibly can, so i go to my room and pack my bag consisting of; A sweater, my work uniform, and a book in my big pocket. And of coarse the usual contents of my little pocket. Then i went straight for the one thing i needed. No not clothes, my guitar. I packed my guitar, my song book, my tuner, a couple picks and my capo. As i'm about to look for a bag for clothes i hear my brother talking to my dad, And hes good, my brother's always defended me in the toughest situations, i guess thats why were so tight. And it ends up, with my dad coming up to me and telling me, not to leave and were goin to hide it from my mother. My brother saved the day once again. I dont know whats instore for me later tonight, maybe another interesting blog post for you guys. But i know i 100% was ready to move out on them.

~Kingers corner 3

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cleaning up

I came home today, earlier then i was suspose to because i thought my parents had gone out, so i was just goin to chill at home alone. Indulge myself in the things they dont like if you know what i mean? Anyways, i ended up gettin trapped in my room when they got home becuase i just didn't want to see them. My parents are the type of parents who will check my eyes if i go walk my dog, they sketch out about everything in the world. So i just plain up avoid em, i love em and all, but they just plain up piss me off. Soooo back to the point, I was just on the computer, so i decided to clean up my documents. Which before today looked like i just tossed every file i had in it (which i pretty much did) and i realized how much stuff i had on my computer i'd forgotten about. Old convos i'd saved, convos people had sent me. Shit i wrote and forgot about (poems songs and such) and i even found a few pictures... interesting pictures which i had forgotten i even had!

I'm goin to share with you something i found that i had written.... Hm i dont know when, but i wrote it to describe how life is, and why everyone should just relax and go with what happens
" we end where we end, we travel across a line to our destination. But its not like a straight line, but more or less a string? that keeps gettin bumped around. each bump makes us go down a different path, but we still will eventaully get there" Not the best written piece i've gotta say, but still the point is clear. What happens happens, we may not always be goin in the same direction, or in the same area. But the things in our life that will happen, well there goin to happen and theres not much we can do to change it. Grab a beer pull up a chair, and just go with the flow :)

~Kingers Corner 2

Monday, August 10, 2009

A first post

So, im Mitch guys. I'm new to this whole "blogging" thing so bear with me. I'm creating this because i always have good ideas, and if there not good at least give people a laugh or two. So i decided to set this up in order for me to get stuff out there. + it'd be nice to talk and be heard.

"Life is never as good as it seems, when your down you never think your going to be up again and when your up its never as good as it seems" That was said by a character in the movie Blow. I took it to heart, when i origionally heard that line because i could connect with it so well. I have a pretty constant life pattern, i live a great life, everything will work out, things will come my way, i'll even get closer to a person i hadn't before. And then there will be times when my life just feels so shitty, to the point where ( not recently) have been drawn to suicidial points. Which gets me thinking usually, and i realize that there could be so many people out there who send off this fake version of them, pretending their happy and living an awsome life. When really they're more depressed then the rest of us. I used to think as a kid, that everyone was living a happy perfect life, maybe because at that age i was entertained by anything, I was a foolish kid. I've grown up alot since then and have some to realize, just how shitty a place this world is. Not the world itself but just the shit that happens in it. Wow i guess i should probably get to the point. Anything can happen to us in this world and we just need to make the best out of it, when your on a good streak in life, enjoy it dont worry about things that may bring you down, just enjoy the little bit of happiness your given because it could stay forever or it could be gone the next day. And if your on a bad streak, tough it out, realize that shit will change eventually. Your havin a bad month? Maybe the next 3 will be amazing to make up for it. "don't worry, be happy" and im not even going to quote that, you better know who said that.

I actually have a theory to end this blog with, I came up with it little bit back. It has to do with global warming, believe me when i say i know its not true. But its a possiblity right? So what im saying is you know how the theory for global warming is green house gasses and such. Well i think that could be wrong, maybe its just the rotation of the Sun around the earth is fucked up, so every year the sun rotates around the earth abit more each time, making the sun become closer and farther away each time. The result? Colder winters and hotter summers. So far the change in the world seem to relflect my theory on it. This is also why i think 2012 is predicted to be our death year, maybe thats the year that the mayans figured it out we'd become to close to the sun to survive. This could all be made up bull shit (infact it probably is) but still, i guess it'll give you something to think about when you finish reading this and are bored again.

~Kingers corner 1